Anne-Laure de Harlez

Mazola Sunflower Oil

Mazola Sunflower Oil was launched keeping in mind the growth in the sunflower oil category. This product is a healthy natural oil, high in vitamin E & low in saturated fats. The composition of this oil makes it ideal for fried foods & adds a light taste to it. Recently this product was given a […]

Jif Sprays

Jif Sprays Ultra fast with its fast acting grease removing formula enriched with citrus extracts, Jif ultra fast cleans surfaces fast and easily Jif sprays “Beautifully clean in 10s”

Philips Diamond Clean

Our State of the art sonic technology was inspired by the technology used in dental offices and delivers a total of 31,000 brush strokes per minute, providing 7x better plaque removal and a deeper clean between teeth and long the gum line than a manual toothbrush. It also removes up to 33% of surface stains […]

Elvive Nourishing Oil Range

With proven experience in nutritive oils, L’Oréal Paris laboratories have achieved the ultimate goal and made the Arab woman’s dream of beautiful hair a reality by introducing the 1st Nourishing Oil shampoo range enriched with 6 precious oils. Blending a fondant texture with weightless nutrition you will feel your sublime hair bursting with life and […]

Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream is the first BB Cream launched in the GCC. It is the first daily all-in-one moisturizer with mineral pigments and Vitamic C that could simply make your skin perfect in 30 seconds! It has 5 main actions; it: 1. Evens your skin tone 2. Covers any blemishes and imperfections 3. Illuminates your […]

Braun SensoCollection – Professional SensoDryer & SensoCare straightener

Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryer Built-in Thermo Sensors measure temperature 600x a minute and adjust to the optimal level for healthy-looking hair. Professional AC fan system gives a robust airflow that helps creating salon-looking hair. IONTEC technology provides extra shine and combats frizz and flying hairs. Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoCare straightener Built-in Thermo Sensors analyze the […]

Sunsilk Dry Shampoo

Without the use of water or actually undergoing a shower, dry shampoo refreshes hair in just 1 minute – removing the oily/greasy appearence as well as refreshing the scalp to give the after shower cool feeling. Even more, dry shampoo is the perfect product to give excess volume before styling. It is the emergency solution- […]

Philips ProTouch Garment Steamer

The ProTouch steamer offers premium efficiency and convenience, with professional results on all fabrics. The five steam levels allow control over the steam power. The impressive steamer is gentle enough to smooth out delicate fabrics such as silk, and powerful enough for cotton and hard to iron embellished materials. A continuous output of powerful steam […]

Clear Intense Hydration range

Clear Intense Hydration is a variant extension to the Clear Women hair care line. Dry scalp is a key reason for dandruff coming back and again. A woman’s scalp can lose up to 10ml of moisture a day. Clear intense hydration shampoo and conditioner contain Nutrium 10 infused with cactus extract – a natural moisturizer […]

Lux Sunlight

When washing dishes, we don’t like to compromise on grease-cutting performances. However, wash after wash, hand dishwash can make our hands lose their natural smoothness. NEW Sunlight Clean and Soft removes grease effectively & thoroughly while leaving your skin feeling soft after only 1 wash! It is specially formulated with real lemon juice, known for […]

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