Wella Koleston Color Intense Foam

A revolution in home hair color – its non drip formula offers an easy to mix, shake and apply system resulting in long lasting hair color (up to eight weeks) and rich intense color which covers 100% gray. The specially designed bottle dispenses foam six times the volume of a typical liquid or crème. The […]

Head & Shoulders Moisturising Scalp Care Shampoo

Often, a dry scalp leads to a compromised skin barrier and higher moisture loss from the skin surface. As the scalp skin gets dryer the more severe the effects of dandruff. The Moisturising Care variant with HydraZinc improves the condition of the scalp skin so the skin barrier is normalised again. A healthy scalp allows […]

Always Diamond

Always Diamond gives women superior protection and incredible comfort via: ­*A mélange top layer with 1000 micro pores to quickly guide fluid inside ­*A diamond lock system that adjusts to sudden flow changes and quickly absorbs fluid ­*A ‘cushy’ pad with a luxurious cushiony feel ­*A secure guard which acts as a continuous all round […]

Pantene Oil Replacement

Natural oil treatments often smell bad and can easily stain. This is a nourishing treatment combining the benefit of traditional oils (without the mess) with Pro V science to provide superior damage prevention in wet hair. It leaves hair soft and manageable with up to 98% less damage (vs. shampoo alone). Pantene’s Oil Replacement can […]

Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion range

New Vaseline Total Moisture range gives you 24 hr soft, smooth skin, thanks to pure natural ingredients and stratys-3 multi-layer moisture to penetrate deep down in your skin nourishing its protective layer. This is made possible by Hydroxy Ethyl Urea, a powerful moisturizing ingredient, which absorbs and holds moisture in these deep-down layers of the […]

Domestos Ultra Thick Bleach

Domestos is an ultra thick bleach with a powerful detergent added formula that destroys dirt and kills all known germs even those that other thin bleaches leave behind. Its multipurpose nature allows it to be used not only in the toilet and bathroom but also on kitchen surfaces, floors and for cleaning white laundry.

Sunsilk Co-Creations Expert Perfect Straight

Sunsilk Expert Perfect Straight keeps straight hair from fluffing and frizzing up when it dries after the shower. Water clumps the hair together and weighs it down, but when the water evaporates the hair fibers can separate, leading to fluffing and frizzing. Our “straight lock technology” administers a small amount of adhesive properties into the […]

Kiri Spreadable Creamy Cheese

New spreadable creamy cheese from KIRI that everyone will love! Made from nature’s best ingredients, KIRI spreadable creamy cheese has all the indulgence of Kiri and its creamy taste in a smooth texture. It has a unique and rich taste that you can enjoy in various ways with your beloved. It comes in convenient and […]

Ariel Microboosters

Ariel Micro Booster uses newly developed innovation of 3D tools with deep cleaning formula for fabrics. These 3D tools include: MicroCT, MRI, and SEM technologies. It also uses a 3 step stain-fighting process: 1. Preps the surface with a polishing action that gets the cleaning agents closer, faster. 2. Reduces the negative charge of the […]

Sensodyne Repair & Protect

Sensodyne Repair & Protect with NOVAMIN® is a scientific breakthrough and different from other toothpastes. It has a unique, clinically proven concentrated calcium formula that helps repair vulnerable areas with the natural building blocks of teeth. Calcium and phosphate ions form a protective mineral layer to repair the vulnerable areas. Sensodyne Repair& Protect daily toothpaste […]

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