Fine Classic Facial Tissues

Fine- the only sterilised tissue in the market and a trusted brand in the GCC for over 20 years, just got even better. Our tissues are now softer and more gentle on your skin. The redesigned opening comes with a longer diagonal slit which makes pulling out tissues smooth and easy from the first pull […]

Fine Sensations Facial Tissues

Indulge your senses with Fine Fruit Sensations – a range of scented and coloured tissues. Available in 3 tantalising bouquets – Peach, Strawberry and Lemon. The delicate pastel colors and soft fragrances are a refreshing and novel addition to any house or car! And like all other Fine tissues, they are sterilised too!

London Dairy Hazelnut Ice Cream 500ml Tub

London Dairy launched its new Chocolate Hazelnut 500ml Tub this year keeping in mind the large consumer group who like the chocolate hazelnut flavour in confectionary / snacks . There was no previous ice cream flavour in this region catering to this need in the ice cream category. This flavour flavour brings together the much […]

Lifebuoy Skin Cleansing Products

Lifebuoy ragne offers protection from 10 germ causing infections. Lifebuoy Handwash is the fastest Hand Wash in the market killing 99.9% of germs in 10 seconds. Lifebuoy is the world’s #1 anti bacterial soap.

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