Aptamil Junior

With over 40 years of research, Nutricia has developed Aptamil Junior 3, a clinically proven nutrient enriched formula that helps boost brain, vision and immunity development. The Innovation related to the Product is “My Future Champion Academy” by Aptamil Junior, an online platform dedicated to offering the mothers customized advice on their child’s nutrition and […]

Huggies Diapers

The re-launch of size 3 to 5 with improvements in: 1) Fit (stretchy tabs to ensure comfy fit around baby’s belly) 2) Softness in inner pads that translates in comfortable and happy active baby 3) Refreshed the packaging to include the globally used red Huggies logo 4) Maintain same value of money. 5) Still enjoys […]

Kotex Maxi Nighttime

The main idea for the innovation is to drive the best quality pad for Femine Care users. The new Kotex Nighttime pads provide all the benefits consumers are looking for from their pad. It has key attributes that drive functional benefits: protection, comfort and fit. Furthermore, there is a protection system for sleep which ensure […]

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Available in two shades, Light and Medium- Deep, Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream provides an all in one answer to your body skin concerns. With 5 visible benefits (Hydrates- Illuminates- Evens Skin tone- Firms Skin- Corrects Imperfections) over 5 days, this body lotion goes on sheer, dries quickly, and works like a moisturizer to […]

Betadine Mouthwash/Gargle

BETADINE® Mouthwash / Gargle rapidly kills the germs that cause most sore throats.(1,2) A 30-second gargle helps stop the germs from multiplying and spreading, so it can prevent a small problem from becoming big. The active ingredient in BETADINE® Mouthwash is called povidone-iodine. It’s a potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent, but it’s safe to have […]

Febreze Aerosols

Febreze air freshener freshens the air of many homes in the world and is now available in the AP. Febreze is designed to capture malodor molecules and eliminate them, instead of just scenting the air. With febreze, you can eliminate malodors and ensure your guests only smell a nice, fresh scent.

DAC Toilet Freshner

DAC Rim blocks is an innovative toilet block which combines style & function in one. It contains cleaning agents that work against lime scale and dirt, maintaining a long lasting cleanliness of your toilet It contains air-fresh agents that provide a pleasant scent, keeping your toilet fresh flush after flush 1) Cleaning foam (cleans the […]

Kleenex Collections

Journey to the East is the motive behind the design artwork and inspiration to deliver the new Kleenex collections designs in a portable format that is easy to carry and have in out of home situations where you need a practical and stylish tissue pack with you.

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