How To Copy Data To Android Phones From Icloud Or Iphone Without Pc

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Tap “Review All” and select the games you want on your new phone. Here we’ll show you how to seamlessly sync your game progress between Android phones using the cloud method as well as the more old-school manual method, should a given game not support cloud saves. While some free apps will transfer between devices – assuming the apps in question are available on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store – paid apps are a different story. Short of reaching out to the developer and asking them nicely if they can provide you a code for their app since you’re making the jump, you’ll need to purchase those apps again after the transition to iOS. Connect the phone to PC and select “Media device” option. Drag and drop the data that you import from your the old Android one to your new phone.

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Android app market is full of third-party apps that assist with backup for rooted phones. Unlike the Apple OS, Android does not have facilities like ‘iCloud’ which assist in backing up data without having the requirement to root the device. Thus, Android largely lacks a comprehensive solution for backing up apps and data. Once the Helium app on your PC detects your Android phone, select the backup option on the Helium Android app and then select the games you want to backup. Select the app data only backup option and then click on the backup button.

Part 2 How To Transfer Data To New Iphone Via Iphone Migration

And I was proud to remember my grown daughter’s high-school success, Grand Prize in a regional animation contest. Note that you’ll have to supply your Facebook password twice during this process, because this is sensitive information. Facebook also warns that you should protect the downloaded data, as it contains sensitive material.

There are a few ways you can choose to move your data – all of which have their merit. However, depending on which phone you used to have, the phone you have now, and what type of data you want transferred over, some of the methods you read about may or may not work for you. The iPhone transfer software – EaseUS MobiMover is a tool that enables to you transfer files between an iPhone/iPad/iPod and a computer. Thus, you can transfer data from your Android device to the computer, and then copy files from the computer to your iPhone with the help of it. By doing so, you are able to move data from Android to iPhone using PC.

Transfer the .vcf file into your phone using any method, such as transferring via a microSD card or by hooking up your phone to your PC. Use our tools below for step-by-step instructions on how to protect your content with backups OR transfer content from your old phone to new one. Next, you will see the steps to download the Smart Switch software onto your old device. Select the data you want transferred to the new phone. An estimate of the transfer time will be displayed. If the transfer will take more than an hour you may want to use a wireless transfer so both phones can be charged during the transfer.

The archive process may take up to an hour or more before you can get an e-mail. So, be patient while waiting for your information to be processed. To deactivate your Facebook account, navigate to Settings through the downward-facing arrow on the top-right side of Facebook. Next, click on General and navigate to Manage your account.