KRAFT Cheddar Cheese – New Easy to Use Cans

Kraft is a cheese brand with over 100 years’ history among Arab consumers. While they love the taste, they sometimes found the tin packaging inconvenient to open. That’s why, Kraft decided to rethink its packaging and make the product easier to use with the launch of the Easy Release Can- a product with a two fold benefit! First, a simple yet innovative ring pull mechanic was added to the tin cover of the packaging – a first-of-its-kind innovation in the cheese category. This new addition made Kraft Cans much easier to open and eliminated the need for a can opener. Second, the Kraft Can took on a new & unique conical shape and its inside surface became smoother, thus allowing easier release of the cheese in one swift move as a single block. These improvements have added convenience to Kraft Cans and enhanced its visual appeal allowing the brand to boast its Guaranteed taste with a more modern feel!

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