Nude Audio Move Portable Wireless Speakers

The portable speakers that are designed to fit listener’s various, size and sound needs and all feature NudeAudio’s signature combination of clean, contemporary design and great sound. Available in ‘on trend’ hues of the sports-fashion industry. Available in “S” ultra-portable pocket-sized version, M and L to fill an entire room with rich warm sound, the Move speakers come in both a Bluetooth and a 3.5mm wired variant and are made from a thick, durable silicone sleeve that is both tactile and protective. The brightly colored carrying cord, encourages ease of transport and the joys of sharing music, video, gaming and other audio-related experiences. The Bluetooth speakers use 3.0 Bluetooth Technology and will stream music from any smartphone, tablet and most computers from a 10m or 30ft distance, allowing users to have complete control from the palm of their hand. Each of the speakers has an eight-hour battery life.

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